WHA Group Has Attained the Highest Rating of “AAA” in SET ESG Ratings 2023

WHA Corporation PCL or “WHA Group” has reaffirmed its success in steering towards the goal of achieving sustainable growth and transforming into a tech company in the future under the ‘Mission to The Sun.’ Recently, it has attained the highest rating of “AAA” in SET ESG Ratings 2023, after the Stock Exchange of Thailand rebranded from Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) to SET ESG Ratings.


WHA Corporation PCL or WHA Group has been one of the listed companies chosen as a Thailand Sustainability Investment Stock for three consecutive years from 2020-2022. This recognition reflects the company’s strong commitment to creating sustainable growth in line with the principles of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Recently, the Stock Exchange of Thailand has rebranded THSI (Thailand Sustainability Investment) to SET ESG Ratings. WHA Group has received the highest rating of “AAA” in SET ESG Ratings 2023, marking the fourth consecutive year of inclusion into the lists. This underscores WHA Group’s dedication to conducting business with a focus on sustainability in every dimension ranging from risk and opportunity management, competitiveness, trust from relevant stakeholders, and the ability to foster long-term business growth.


Mr. Natthapatt Tanboon-ek, WHA Group’s Chief Financial Officer, revealed that WHA Group places a strong emphasis on conducting its business operations by integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles into the business operations. The company has successfully achieved a commendable ESG rating, which reflects investors’ confidence in the company’s potential for robust growth and competitiveness, leading to favorable returns in the future. Furthermore, its business operations aligned with ESG criteria have served the investment purpose of achieving sustainable, and long-term returns. It is a growing global investment trend at this time.


WHA Group has established business strategies in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These guidelines reflect the company’s dedication to continuously enhance the organization for sustainable growth and to adapt to evolving societal and environmental changes. The strategy places strong emphasis on engaging all relevant stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, investors, business partners, communities, and all related parties. It is important to note that more than 80% of WHA Group’s customers are mainly multinational corporations. All of them place great importance on ESG, which results in WHA Group and its customers working in the same direction.


The recent SET ESG Ratings that WHA Group has undergone, signifies their achievement in effectively integrating sustainable strategies into their core business practices, aligning with the “Mission to The Sun” concept. These strategies are implemented through various projects, including ”the Wastewater Reclamation Project”, which involves recycling wastewater into high-quality water that can be distributed to customers both within and outside WHA Industrial Estates. This project leverages existing technology and modern innovations to enhance the value of wastewater by converting it into demineralized water and premium clarified water, thereby reducing the reliance on natural water resources. This results in significant water savings equivalent to the consumption of over 200,000 households. WHA Group plans to increase this number to 500,000 households in the next 3-5 years. Additionally, the company is exploring the feasibility of using solar energy, a renewable energy source, to power its wastewater recycling process under the ‘Turquoise’ project. Lastly, WHA Group is the world’s first industrial estate to engage in Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading.


In addition, WHA Group has announced a commitment to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 following the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) guidelines. The company is committed to proactively addressing climate change issues by exploring innovations and employing various technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This includes the Green Logistics, where electric vehicles (EVs) are used for transportation activities, as well as comprehensive management practices to reduce environmental impact and long-term logistics costs. Furthermore, WHA Group is also considering second life batteries to enhance the efficiency of renewable energy use. The company is also on a mission to promote the principles of a Circular Economy, aiming to maximize the utility of resources within WHA Group business ecosystem while enhancing operational efficiency, such as repurposing industrial waste as input for other industries or utilizing it to feed industrial waste-to-energy power plants.


Receiving SET ESG Ratings at the “AAA” level underscores WHA Group’s commitment to transparent and standardized business practices. WHA Group also employs a strategic business approach that can efficiently analyze and manage risks and opportunities. The company’s good corporate governance not only minimizes negative impacts but also fosters positive effects on the environment, society, and all relevant stakeholders. This, in turn, enhances its ability to drive sustainable growth for the business, society, and the environment remarkably and ethically. This aligns with the company’s mission, “The Ultimate Solution for Sustainable Growth,” aimed at propelling Thailand toward global sustainability