IRPC Launches Eco-Friendly Euro 5 Diesel for Cleaner Air

IRPC is moving forward to produce Euro 5 standard diesel, and the first batch has been launched.

In response to the National Policy aimed at reducing PM 2.5, IRPC launched the first batch of Euro 5 standard clean diesel on December 25, 2023, to meet emerging domestic and international demands with eco-friendly products.

IRPC Public Company Limited (SET: IRPC), led by Kris Imsang, President and Chief Executive Officer stated,  “This presents a significant opportunity for IRPC to produce and distribute Euro 5 standard clean diesel with 10 PPM lower sulphur. Clean diesel is expected to reduce hydrocarbons and oxide emissions from nitrogen, as well as mitigate smoke from the combustion process, resulting in a reduction of PM 2.5. Starting from December 25, 2023, Euro 5 clean diesel is poised to meet the high demand for low sulphur diesel in Thailand and the AEC region through an eco-friendly manufacturing process.”

The production of Euro 5 standard oil has met the government’s target for 2024, to reduce environmental impacts, including dust reduction, and to improve the quality of life for the public. Furthermore, Euro 5 standard diesel production aligns with IRPC’s goal to become a Net Zero Emission organisation by 2060, achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by 2030.