FWD PlayGrown: a Playful Station to ‘Live a Childhood Dream. Live Life Your Way’

FWD Life Insurance Plc (“FWD Insurance”) returns with an innovative campaign for the life insurance industry, introducing “Live a Childhood Dream. Live Life Your Way” campaign and unveiling a unique experience at FWD PlayGrown—an adult playground designed to reignite the magic of joyful childhood dreams.

Ms. Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Branding and Communications Officer of FWD Insurance, expresses, “FWD Insurance is excited to launch the first brand campaign of 2024 with the concept of “Live a Childhood Dream. Live Life Your Way,” encouraging everyone to embrace life fully. It inspires individuals to lead purposeful lives, overcoming worries. We aim to transport you back to the thoughts you always wanted to explore as a child—the freedom to choose and do things you desire. This is the core idea behind our campaign.”

This initiative originates from profound insights into the lifestyles of Thai consumers. According to a survey by YouGov*, it was observed that as we grow, our responsibilities increase. The survey revealed that 56% of the young intenders group (a new generation with a work hard, play hard attitude), 44% of the family-oriented group (prioritizing family over work), and 63% of the financially successful group (feeling financially secure) all agreed that juggling daily responsibilities can be challenging. This limitation results in less time to pursue activities they always desired, hindering them from living life as fully as envisioned.

FWD Insurance, as a brand dedicated to supporting Thai people in living life worry-free, combines consumer insights with creative ideas to produce work that resonates with everyone. “Live a Childhood Dream. Live Life Your Way” invites everyone to step out and relive life as they did in childhood—often a time of happiness, fun, freedom, curiosity, and daring to pursue one’s desires. Through the creation of a giant toy box hosting an adult play area (FWD PlayGrown) featuring popular childhood toys like seesaws and swings, individuals can reclaim the joy of childhood, overcome worries, and live life to the fullest. This experience is available from January 9–13 at Em Station 2 (in front of EMQUARTIER) on the Phrom Phong BTS station connection and in front of the United Center building on Silom Road. 

Furthermore, as part of the campaign, including key visuals, motion bumper ads and mobile bumpers, have been developed with the theme: FULFILL LIFE WHILE GROWING UP. These are disseminated through online channels, sharing eight engaging stories from foodie influencers, exercise enthusiasts, and travel influencers. The stories revolve around things they once aspired to do in childhood, showcasing how these dreams evolved into reality during their journey into adulthood. These narratives aim to inspire everyone to live life to the fullest without worry and to ‘Live Life Your Way.’

“FWD Insurance invites everyone to reconnect with the essence of their childhood, the privileged moment of living life our way. We encapsulate the brand concept of this campaign by inspiring everyone to embrace ‘an element of play’, rekindling childhood dreams and aspirations from this refreshing experience via our distinctive brand recognition effort. Feel 

free to stay connected, join these enjoyable activities, and explore the different aspects of our new brand campaign on all FWD Insurance online platforms and social media channels,” Ms. Pavarisa concluded.