CKPower Wins Two Awards on the Asian Stage with a Renewable Energy Vision for a Sustainable Future

  • CKPower sets in CKP NET ZERO EMISSIONS 2050 plan in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero within 2050

Bangkok (31 Jan 24) – Bangpa-In Cogeneration Company Limited (BIC), a subsidiary of CKPower Public Company Limited (SET: CKP), one of the largest renewables-based electricity producers with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the region, recently won the Asian Power Awards 2023 from Asian Power Magazine for the fourth consecutive year. This international recognition by Asia’s leading power industry publication acknowledges the company’s creative innovation in reducing greenhouse gases. Additionally, CKPower has been awarded a Carbon Champion Certificate from Enterprise Asia’s Carbon Champion Programme, an international independent agency in the evaluation of corporate carbon management performance. These achievements underscore the company’s commitment to its sustainable renewable energy vision.

Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director, CKPower PLC, said “CKPower is actively pursuing its CKP NET ZERO EMISSIONS 2050 plan, where the company strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the year 2050. The company has been consistently promoting and supporting efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every production process. Bangpa-In Cogeneration Power Plant in the Bangpa-In Industrial Estate, Ayutthaya province, has launched at least 15 projects developed by 16 innovators from corporate employees. Among these, the Piston Power Saver: Enhancing Gas Compression Efficiency Project, developed in 2023, demonstrated outstanding ability in reducing energy consumption. This project earned the Asian Power Awards 2023, specifically the Power Utility of the Year – Thailand category, marking the company’s fourth consecutive award. In the same year, CKPower also received a Carbon Champion Certificate from Enterprise Asia’s Carbon Champion Programme, an international independent agency, recognising our excellence in corporate carbon management. The achievement is a testament to the company’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint in the industry sector.”

The Piston Power Saver: Enhancing Gas Compression Efficiency Project developed by Bangpa-In Cogeneration Power Plant’s team of innovators focuses on enhancing and improving the efficiency of power production. The initiative can reduce energy consumption by 375,000 kWh/year and, more importantly, can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 110,000 kgCO2e/year. Moreover, it helps in reducing energy costs by up to 885,000 baht annually. This project is in line with the company’s C-K-P sustainability strategy, where ‘C’ represents Clean Electricity, signifying the development of innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint across the entire value chain.

“Every ‘innovative’ project represents CKPower’s commitment to producing ‘innovators’ to achieve growth targets in the development of renewable energy, contributing to a robust energy foundation. Simultaneously, CKPower plays a role in driving Thailand towards a sustainable, low-carbon society, aligning with our CKP NET ZERO EMISSIONS 2050 goal in harmony with the state’s objectives. Annually, CKPower’s renewables-based power plants supply Thailand with 9.5 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean electricity, constituting 18% of the country’s renewables-based electricity consumption. This contribution is significant in avoiding the release of 5 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions annually, aligning with the national goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to 75 million tons by 2030 from the current level of 250 million tons annually,” stated Mr. Thanawat.