BTS Group Holdings Addresses Sexual Harassment and Robbery Incident at Skytrain Area

BTS Group Holdings has promptly responded to the issue of sexual harassment and robbery in the vicinity of its skytrain facilities.

Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC), a key subsidiary of BTS Group and primary operator of the group’s rail mass transit network, released a statement regarding an incident at Kheha station, where a passenger was subjected to sexual harassment and robbery near the station’s exit area. According to the company, station personnel were alerted to the incident by other passengers and quickly responded to assist the victim, although the assailant had already departed from the station. The victim was escorted to a medical facility, and law enforcement authorities were contacted, utilizing CCTV footage from the station to aid in the tracking of the perpetrator.

BTSC emphasized that BTS stations are equipped with security protocols, including continuous patrols by officers during operating hours and over 4,500 surveillance cameras throughout the system for incident monitoring and prevention.

The company conveyed its sympathies to the victim and reinforced the importance of stringent safety and security measures for all passengers within the system to its personnel.