Google to Launch a ChatGPT-Like Bot Called Bard

On Monday, Google announced it will be releasing a conversational chatbot called Bard, opening a new front in its competition with Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars in the developers of ChatGPT, an AI program that successfully mimics human writing.

The San Francisco firm OpenAI’s ChatGPT has generated a stir with its lightning-fast essay, poem, or code-writing capability, prompting concerns about cheating and the possible extinction of entire professions.

It was revealed last month that Microsoft was supporting OpenAI, and the company has already begun incorporating ChatGPT elements into its Teams platform, with future adaptations to the Office suite and Bing search engine to be expected.

The firm said last month that it was laying off 12,000 employees in order to focus more on AI projects.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post on Monday that the company plans to release its Bard conversational AI to the public for testing “in the coming weeks.”