Tesla Hikes Prices of Its Top-Selling Models in US, China, Japan and Canada

Tesla hiked prices by up to $290 in Canada, China, Japan, and the US, its website showed on Monday after cutting prices on its best-selling vehicles since the beginning of the year.

After a wave of reductions, Tesla raised pricing on its two best-selling models in various markets for the first time.

CEO Elon Musk announced last month that the company will put revenue growth ahead of margin and profit as it began rolling out self-driving software to a larger fleet.

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has applied a real-time pricing system which is more comparable to that of airlines or ridesharing services than the traditional auto industry’s model of fixed prices.

On Monday, the Tesla website revealed that the base price of the Model Y and the Model 3 in the United States had been increased by $250.

Online data also showed that price shifts in Canada and Japan were similar to those in Japan and China, the company’s two largest markets.