Thailand’s Gulf Energy Development Partners with Google to Pioneer GDC Air-Gapped

Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (SET: GULF or the Company) recognizes the rapid growth of digital infrastructure in Thailand, as the economy becomes increasingly driven by innovation and technology. Consequently, the company has invested in the telecommunications and satellite businesses and expanded into the data center business. This aims to support the ongoing growth of Thailand’s digital infrastructure ecosystem.

To further expand the company’s digital infrastructure business and respond to the rapidly increasing demand for data storage and processing within Thailand’s digital infrastructure ecosystem, GULF disclosed a statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand that on June 25, 2024, Gulf Edge Company Limited (“Gulf Edge”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company and a shareholder in GSA Data Center Company Limited (“GSA DC”), entered into a partnership with Google Asia Pacific Company Limited (“Google”) to operate Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) air-gapped configuration as a Managed GDC Provider (MGP) for organizations in Thailand.

GDC is a fully disconnected sovereign cloud solution that requires no connectivity to the public internet, thus providing high stability and data security. MGPs are strategic partners that collaborate with Google Cloud to drive the adoption of GDC air-gapped, by providing expert deployment, operational, and managed services to end customers. The target customer groups include industries that require the storage and processing of sensitive or confidential data, such as healthcare, energy and utilities, and public safety services. GSA DC’s data centers are also able to host such cloud systems within the scope of this partnership.

Through this partnership, Gulf Edge will become the first partner authorized by Google to operate GDC air-gapped in Thailand. This collaboration marks the initiation of a strategic alliance in cloud, cybersecurity, and AI in the country to advance digital transformation and innovation. Moreover, this partnership presents opportunities for the company to expand its business to deliver additional services within the Google Cloud ecosystem, including potential future ventures into AI and cybersecurity solutions.

This partnership leverages the strengths of both partners, as the company brings its experience and expertise in developing and leading new businesses in the country, with an extensive network of local corporations from the real and financial sectors, along with affiliated businesses that provide communications and telecommunications services. Additionally, the company is well-established in the electricity generation and renewable energy business, which supports the clean energy demands of data center businesses.

Meanwhile, Google Cloud stands as a global leader in cloud, cybersecurity, and AI services, and is a trusted technology partner for organizations in more than 200 countries and territories. It also continuously demonstrates extensive experience and expertise in AI innovation. The company believes that this collaboration will create a robust foundation for further growth and innovation in its digital infrastructure ventures.