JTS Visits Korea Telecom for Update on ‘SOTA Thai LLM’ Development

Dr. Soraj Asavaprapha, Acting Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Nattakit  Tangpoonsinthana, Member of the Audit and Governance Committee of Jasmine International Public Company Limited (JAS), along with Mr. Sang Do Lee, President of Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited (JTS), a leading technology solutions provider, visited Seoul, South Korea, to monitor the progress of their collaboration in developing the State-of-the-Art Thai Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI platform with Korea Telecom (KT), a leading telecommunications company in South Korea.

During this meeting, KT reported that the development results of JTS’s LLM for the interim English PLM showed better overall performance than ChatGPT 3.5 by 10% based on Hugging Face’s H6 tests (a global standard for LLM performance evaluation). The next testing for JTS Thai PLM is scheduled for late September, with commercial readiness expected by the end of October 2024 with the ultimate goal  to expand services to other countries across Southeast Asia in the future.

The testing and demonstration of JTS Studio were also successful.  JTS Studio will serve as a development platform for the Thai LLM usage within JAS GROUP.  In the future, the organization’s business partners will also be able to utilize the Thai LLM developed by JTS. This will enable customers in integrating Generative AI with their products and services for both internal and external uses, ensuring performance enhancements for customers moving forward.

JTS is ready to announce its position as a leader in Generative AI technology in Thailand. To create a self-reliant artificial intelligence strategy (Sovereign AI) and set a goal of acquire 10 million subscribers in Southeast Asia in the next 5 years.