PQS Sees Bright Future for Tapioca Starch Industry Based on Rising Demand Globally

Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, a leading tapioca starch manufacturer in the Northeastern region of Thailand with more than 20 years of expertise team in tapioca starch production, sees the industry as a bright one based on the rising demand of the world market, states that Thailand is the world’s leading manufacturer of tapioca starch, enhances with high production technology to support the international standard of starch quality.

Mr. Somyot Chanchungthaworn, Vice Chairman and Executive Chairman of Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited (PQS), says that the global tapioca starch industry is expected to grow at approximately 5% annually, in line with the increase in the food processing market. As a result, the tapioca processing industry and the world food industry are growing in the same direction. As Thailand has the advantage of having advanced tapioca starch production technology, the quality of Thai tapioca starch is of international standards. In addition, the company has a strong customer base in various industries, and with the close working relationship with our customers thus made us able to identify the true needs of the customers requirements.

“Thailand is the world’s leading manufacturer of tapioca starch and has advanced production technology. Therefore, Thai tapioca starch is well recognized as high quality and we foresee that the tapioca starch industry still has the opportunity to grow. The current market condition is not Red Ocean; still not in the fiercely competitive business; thus, I see that there are still opportunities to expand growth in this business,” says Mr. Somyot.

Mr. Somyot who was in this business for over 20 years, has established the company in 2005, The flagship factory has been built  in Mukdahan Province in 2007, and started it to commercialized its product of starch in 2008. Since then, PQS Group has constant growth with the result of its strong fundamentals

In addition, one of the company’s goals is to focus on producing premium products. As the location of the company is in the planting areas with high quality raw produces which are the basis of our premium starch, resulting in our capability to grow the business in the premium segment.,

Mr. Rathwiroon Chanchungthaworn, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, discloses that the company operates in the business of manufacturing and distributing Native Starch and Modified Starch under the PQS brand for industrial manufacturers, both in the food industry (Food Grade) and other non-food processed industrial products (Industrial Grade), with a distribution ratio of 30% domestically and 70% overseas.

Besides, the company is also a manufacturer and distributor of electricity from biogas generated from wastewater from the production process that goes through a fermentation process of a biochemical reaction until biogas is obtained.  The biogas has been used in the electricity production for factory use and sold to the Provincial Electricity Authority.

Mr. Rathwiroon concludes that the company is determined to be a manufacturer of premiumquality tapioca starch products according to international standards for domestic sale and global export with environmentally friendly production processes and a commitment to creating shared values ​​for all stakeholders