Jaymart Group Unveils New Brand Identity Accenting “Heart” as Driving Force Behind Success and Growth

Jaymart Group, a holding company with investment focus in retail, finance and technology under the vision of “Technology Investment Holding Company”, announced a new brand identity to drive the passion of doing business with “Heart”, by encompassing the power of synergy arising from the expansion of investment through 20 companies under the group while always grasping new partnership opportunities. The group set 2024 goals to achieve exponential growth by leveraging blockchain, big data and digital technology and innovation to enhance its retail capability and develop new business models and financial products to bring Thai people ease of access to loans, debt restructuring facilities and, ultimately, a better quality of life. By 2024, the company targeted to increase combined group market capitalization to 500,000 million baht.

Jaymart Group’s comprehensive marketing communication campaign known as “Heart” has been launched and extended until next year with a budget of over 80 million baht to build engagement with partners, investors, customers, the general public, as well as the company’s employees all over the country. The campaign featured an advertising commercial titled “Perception – Reality”, along with a range of marketing activities that reflect the notion of how putting heart and empathy in everything we do can lead to more lasting and meaningful happiness, for example, Jaymart Group joined forces with the Thai Red Cross Society to give away free tickets for Nos Udom Taepanich’s ‘Moo 2’ show for campaign participants who donate blood to the National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society during 21-30 September 2022

Mr. Adisak Sukumvitaya, Chief Executive Officer of Jaymart Public Company Limited, said at the “The Future is Shaped by Our Hearts” event on October 4, 2022, “Jaymart Group, as an investment holding company, celebrates our 35th anniversary by reshaping our business concept and value ​​with a firm belief in placing ‘Our Hearts’ at the center of everything we do, which serves as our brand positioning in driving the growth of our 20 subsidiary companies and affiliates.  We are determined to engage with the Thai society as a sincere brand with the goal of contributing to a better quality of life for Thai people. Given that, the way we look for business growth and investment opportunities with partners to build synergy in the future will focus on leveraging big data technology, digital innovation and our nationwide retail network to enhance our business capability so that consumers can have easier and more convenient access to technology-based products for everyday life, as well as retail and financial services from Jaymart Group in a wider variety of touchpoints and channels.”


Jaymart Group has launched the ‘Hearts’ communication campaign that highlights the symbol “Heart” on out-of-home media on BTS stations throughout Bangkok and social media, as well as the TVC titled “Perception-Reality” that illustrates the unfathomable business growth of Jaymart Group, currently worth more than 200 billion baht and still unknown to most people, is a result of collaborative efforts from teams of employees and partners who share the same goals. This can be exemplified by the foundation of a large iceberg, reflecting the business capability and determination of Jaymart Group, which is hidden deep beneath the sea.  The fact that people can only see the tip of the iceberg above the water suggests that what they see is much less than what is hidden from view.

Adisak explained that Jaymart Group’s new brand value of “Hearts” in taking a bold step towards the future consists of 4 pillars of H, as follows:

  • Hands to do – with a wide network of businesses and partners, we have better access to everyone’s lives
  • Hearts to understand – with expertise in retail and consumer finance, we truly understand consumers and are willing to help them seek the right financial solution for their better quality of life
  • Head to innovate – we leverage big data and digital technology and innovation to develop business models and products for retail and retail finance that truly meet the needs of customers and target groups in a sustainable way
  • Hope to inspire – we are driven to encourage Thai people to improve their lives, help them get better equipped to grasp opportunities and move forward without fear of obstacles

Mr. Ekachai Sukumvitaya, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Jaymart Public Company Limited (SET: JMART) added that, “Today, Jaymart Group’s business concept driven by “Heart” has been proven successful in all our subsidiary companies. We are taking the next step towards a sustainable growth, achieving ‘J Curve’ by bringing innovation and technology to enhance business capabilities and joining forces with partners openly to expand business in order to create an exponential growth together, with overall profit set to grow at least 50% per year for the next 3 years. Recently, we have partnered with the BTS Group, which has enhanced mutual business operations across diversified retail and financial service offerings. Our partnership with Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited leads to the expansion of distribution channel for solar rooftop solutions to more and more customers. Our recent investment in Buriram Sugar Group help expanding our ecosystem into Buriram, a key province with great business opportunities. We also plan to invest in PRTR Public Company Limited, which is a leading recruitment and outsourcing company in Thailand, allowing Jay Mart to help build ecosystem for the company and partners to support future growth together.”

“Jaymart Group is a future ready organization. We develop innovation and empower our subsidiary companies and affiliates in every aspect to enable them to stay at the forefront of retail, finance and real estate businesses. Every step of our growth is reached by collaborative support from business partners who share a common goal with us to embark on a transformation journey toward becoming a modern business that stays relevant in disruptive times and truly meets the changing needs of Thai people and business sectors. This is why the proactive rebranding of Jaymart took place with aim to promote brand love as well as create emotional value for customers, ensuring them that they will benefit from a great variety of retail and financial products heartfully crafted with thorough understanding of customer lifestyles, and always bring happiness to Thai people in all economic conditions,” added Adisak.


Know more about Jaymart Group’s affiliates and joint investment 

Jaymart Group, a holding company with investment focus in retail, finance and technology under the vision of “Technology Investment Holding Company” which has a key major subsidiaries and associated companies, as follows:

Jaymart Mobile, Thailand’s top retailer of IT products and digital devices or ‘Gadget Destination’, and retail financial service provider or ‘Financial Destination’ with a nationwide network of more than 300 branches and sales of over 10 billion baht per year. Recent partnership with BTS Group helped the company expand branches to get even closer to more and more consumers.

JMT Network Services (JMT), the industry leader in non-performing debt management and debt collection in Thailand, has helped to restructure debt for customers with understanding and provided debt management services with sincerity.  Each year, we help more than a hundred thousand of customers pay off debt and live a better life. With trust from several partnering commercial banks and financial institutions, we set an average growth target of 30% per year.

Singer Thailand (SINGER), in which Jaymart Group owns a 25% stake, is a model of direct selling business with hire purchase loans for home and commercial appliances that have long been a favorite household name to Thai consumers. With more than 6,000 branches covering all sub-districts across the country and strong sales team of more than 10,000 people, Singer has set to achieve New S Curve by launching a license plate loan service under the operation of SG Capital, with a target of new car loan portfolio and car loan making money reaching 15 billion baht by the end of 2022.

J Ventures Company Limited (JVC) was established in 2017 as a digital platform developer with focus on digital transformation by leveraging technology such as blockchain to drive change and build growth in implementing decentralized retail and finance systems for Jaymart Group’s businesses. In 2018, the company became the first listed company in Thailand to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the name of JFIN, marking the country’s first digital token, and recently developed JFIN Chain as its own blockchain with JFIN as native token.

 JAS Asset Public Company Limited, which Jaymart Group holds 65.5 % of shares, operates rental space management business for retailers of IT products and mobile phones under the brand “IT Junction”, shopping centers under the brands “The Jas”, “The Jas Urban”, “Jas Village” and “Jas Green Village”, with a total retail space of ​​75,000 square meters for IT and SME product retailers, while bringing economic development to nearby community as well as shopping and lifestyle convenience to consumers.

In response to the mega-trend of the elderly society, JAS Asset has also developed the Senera Senior Wellness, an elderly care center with full facilities located adjacent to JAS Green Village at Khubon Road, and JAS Green Village, Lat Pla Kao.

Beans and Brown Company Limited (BB) operates a hip coffee chain under the brand Casa Lapin and White Café to introduce new creative concept of specialty coffee drinks to the new generation of consumers, which currently has 34 branches nationwide.

KB J Capital Company Limited (KB J) is a personal loan business jointly invested by Jaymart and KB Kookmin Card, a major credit card company in South Korea, to provide combined personal loan and expect to provides credit card services in Thailand with aim to become a top five non-bank financial companies in Thai personal loan market.