Apple Plans to Produce MacBook in Vietnam Next Year

Apple will begin producing some products such as MacBook computers in Vietnam in 2023, according to a Nikkei Asia report. 

The decision shows an effort of the world’s leading tech savvy to expand its manufacturing  beyond China amid high pressure from the dispute between the U.S.-China trade and supply chain disruptions due to Covid lockdowns.

Since the report in August, Apple aims to move some production to Vietnam including HomePods, Watches and MacBook. Now, its major assembly partner Foxconn will begin producing as soon as May next year.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has committed to buy U.S. made chips from a factory in Arizona, owned and operated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. TSMC is building two plants in the state, the first plant is set to open in 2024, and the second plant will open in 2026. 

The share price of Apple closed slightly lower than its flat line on Tuesday.