Japan’s PM Kishida Sees Approval Rating Down Hill to Record Low

The poll for the government of Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan, showed his approval rating touched a new low in one of the opinion polls and clung near lows in another amid bad public view from his party’s ties to a controversial church., while massive spending plan also raised suspicion to the public.

Meanwhile, a massive spending plan also raised suspicion to the public as the economic stimulus package of $200 billion had not helped raise Kishida’s approval ratings in a significant way.

The resignation of an economic revitalisation minister, Daishiro Yamagiwa, for his connection to the Unification Church, while being investigated in connection with the assassination of former premier Shinzo Abe, did not help spur Kishida’s approval. 

According to social media posts and news reports, Abe’s shooter blames him for promoting the church, while saying that it allegedly  bankrupted his mother. 

Earlier this month, the poll showed that Kishida’s approval sank to 27.4% from over 60% when it peaked.