China’s Covid Cases Hit Record High since April as Beijing Implements more Curbs

China reported 28,127 new Covid cases in April, hitting a new high record since April 2022, and more of China’s cities have mass testing for COVID-19 and concerns about its economy as they fight a new wave.

China still has the strictest COVID restrictions, shutting down businesses and schools and tightening rules. The latest wave is seen as a test to an adjustment China made to its zero-COVID policy that demands the authorities being more targeted in their clampdown measures and steering away from the widespread lockdown and testing that hindered economic growth and frustrated residents.

Many parks in Beijing which are popular spots for runners and picnickers, were closed on Tuesday due to an outbreak and high infection rates. There are 1,438 new local cases, up from 962 on Sunday in the capital city.

According to an in-house index from Numura, localities accounting for about 19.9% of China’s total gross domestic product (GDP) were under some form of lockdown or restrictions. The figure saw an increase from 5.6% last Monday and not far off the index’s peak in April during the lockdown period in Shanghai.