Russia’s Gazprom Further Slashes Gas Supply to France

The Russian energy giant Gazprom will further reduce gas deliveries to France beginning Tuesday, according to the utilities office, citing contract issues. Markets viewed it as a new squeeze of Europe’s energy supplies.

French power company Engie said it has been informed by the Russian state-owned energy firm of a reduction in gas deliveries due to disagreements over some contracts.

The report came after French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne urged business to cut energy use on Monday, warning that rationing could happen this winter if Russia cuts off gas supplies.

Engie noted that Gazprom’s deliveries to them had dropped “substantially” since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, with the most recent monthly supply amounting to around 1.5 terawatt-hours.

Gazprom said earlier this month that it will shut its Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for three days starting on August 31, citing the cause of maintenance on the pipeline which runs between Russia and Germany.

The unscheduled closure could affect plans by European countries to fill their gas reserves before the winter. Gazprom said that it will resume supply after September 2 but only at 20% of the pipeline’s full capacity.