Russia restarts Nord Stream 1 gas flows from Nord Stream 1, easing supply concerns

Nord Stream 1, the key gas pipeline to Europe, has resumed flow, said a spokesperson for the operator on Thursday, easing concerns that the maintenance period would be extended.

After it was closed for maintenance earlier this month, there were fears across the region that gas supplies could be completely shut off via the pipeline. Flows were scheduled to be restored Thursday following the completion of the works.

The operator of Nord Stream 1 has confirmed to CNBC and Reuters that it is “in process of resuming gas transportation,” however the resumption at a reduced capacity after a 10-day maintenance break could take several hours.

Thursday morning’s data from operator Nord Stream revealed that flow rates increased from zero to 29,284,591 kWh/h. On July 10, the last day of operations before the maintenance work began, flows were nearly the same, just around 29,000,000 kWh/h.

It’s likely to come as a relief to European officials who have been rushing to find alternatives to Russian gas.

In response to fears about gas supply shortages this winter, the European Union reportedly planned to propose a 15% voluntary reduction in natural gas consumption by member nations beginning next month.

With no end in sight to the tension in Eastern Europe and fears that Russia may cut off more fuel supplies, the European Commission was set to submit a demand-cutting plan to prepare for the prospect of a total cutoff by Moscow.