Thailand’s MPI Up 3.36% in September as Industrial Production Recovers

The Ministry of Industry said on Monday that the MPI in September grew 3.36% from the same period last year, as industrial production continued its steady recovery after the Covid-19 outbreak situation in Thailand improved.

The manufacturing production index (MPI) was at 97.9 in September.

The key reasons supporting production in September include an increase in economic activity in the country as a result of the better coronavirus pandemic situation. This has led to higher output of key products such as petroleum, tourism-related products such as beer, clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry.

The overseas trade sector also shows signs of growth.

The inflation situation, according to the Ministry of Industry, will continue to impact producers and manufacturers on the rise in production costs.

The Industry Ministry is optimistic about manufacturing, forecasting 1.5-2.5% growth this year, down from 4.0-5.0% previously.