Hong Kong Expects to Reopen Its Border with China by Mid-January

Hong Kong plans to reopen its borders with China by mid-January, with the aim of restoring pre-Covid cross-border travel arrangements, according to the city’s leader on Saturday.

Chief Executive John Lee said that the borders will “open fully in a gradual, orderly way” after he met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

In order to reopen the borders, Lee’s administration will meet with Mainland officials to discuss a plan and establish a task force in the city to carry it out.

The first stage of the plan is considering the daily quota of travelers and which border control sites should be opened, he said.

Hong Kong’s border with mainland China has been effectively closed for nearly three years. There is currently a daily quota for tourists from Hong Kong, and they must undergo five days pg hotel quarantine. Returning mainland visitors are subject to quarantine as well.