China to End Quarantine for Foreign Travelers from 8 January

China announced late Monday that beginning January 8, international tourists will no longer be required to undergo quarantine upon arrival on the mainland.

This change is in response to this month’s sudden loosening of domestic Covid restrictions. These revisions roll back the majority of the strictest regulations that China’s zero-Covid policy had in place for the past three years.

The current policy calls for a five-day stay at a central quarantine facility, followed by a three-day stay at home.

The National Health Commission of China also stated that as of January 8, authorities would no longer be keeping tabs on the close contacts of Covid patients, would no longer be classifying Covid risk regions, and would no longer be implementing the Covid restrictions that hindered the import of commodities.

According to the commission, visitors entering China no longer need to apply for a clear health code, only a negative virus test within the previous 48 hours. It was announced that travelers would still be required to wear face masks throughout the journey.

Travelers to China have been required to quarantine since March 2020, normally at a certified hotel for 14 days. Prior to China’s reduction of quarantine lengths this summer, that isolation period had begun to climb to 21 days or more for some visitors.