“80% of Imported Cases Are from China,” South Korean Disease Control Agency Says

80% of travelers from China were positive for Covid-19, Seung-ho Choi, a deputy director at the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, told CNBC.

Choi was also concerned that the test of positive Covid-19 of China still went up 14 times from November to December. He said China could bring Korea at risk , so the temporary policies applied to all Korean and non-Korean nationals who came from China are unavoidable, while asserting that there is no discrimination.

Many countries announced new rules that required the test of negative Covid-19 before arriving; it was the same as the requirement of China for inbound travellers from other countries.

South Korea and Japan said that they will not increase flights from China although China’s borders were open. South Korea proclaimed that they will limit short-term visas to travelers from China.

On the other hand, China’s embassy in South Korea and Japan announced that Beijing would stop issuing visas to Korean and Japanese citizens, for tourism, business and medical travellers.

China firmly announced that all countries that use discriminatory entries pointing to China, would get the same action in return. Wang Wenbin, Ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson, said on Tuesday.