Ford Plans to Cut 3,200 Jobs in Attempt to Lower Expenses, Workers’ Union Says

Ford Motor Company planned to lay off 3,200 jobs in Europe and move some product development to the United States. Ford wanted to cut 2,500 jobs in the product development section and 700 jobs in the administrative section that was most affected in Germany, said by Germany’s IG Metall union.


The electric vehicle (EVs)’s costs were up and forecasted that the slowdown in the United States and European economies has pressured the automaker to cut off some expenses.


Ford’s spokesperson in Germany has no comment, referring to a statement on Friday that the conversion to produce EVs requires the change in the structure.


The warning started last June, in Spain and in Saarlouis, Germany, as the conversion to produce EVs meant that Ford had to cut off the assembly car’s labor section.


In 2022, Ford’s pretax profit margins in Europe were 2.2% of sales for the first nine months, this was lower than in North America and in October, also warned by the worsening economy in Europe.