Baidu Plans to Launch ChatGPT-Like Bot in March

Baidu, Inc. plans to announce in March, about the artificial intelligence chatbot that looks similar to ChatGPT of OpenAI.

ChatGPT works by learning how to respond like a human from massive amounts of data. It represented information like search engines did and could generate a poem like a novelist.

Microsoft Corp. invested $1 billion in San Francisco-based OpenAI, and it seems like more funds will come, as reported by Reuters. It wanted to add OpenAI’s image-generation software to Bing, which was a new challenge to Alphabet Inc.’s Google.

Baidu has been investing heavily on AI development. Last month, it unveiled  three AI-powered creators that would allow them to perform the roles of screenwriter, illustrator, editor or animator.

However, Baidu declined to comment when reached by Reuters.