Biden Plans to Stop Granting Export Licenses of IT Equipment to Huawei

The Biden’s administration ceased the licenses approval for the U.S. companies to export most products to China’s tech giant Huawei, as reported by Reuters citing people familiar to the matter.

Huawei confronted the export restrictions of the United States for many years, but the authorities in the Department of Commerce granted licenses for some American firms to sell goods and technology to the Chinese tech.

The spokesperson said U.S. officials are continuing to assess the policies and regulations.

One person familiar with this said that the authorities made a new official policy to refuse shipment to Huawei, including the items below the 5G level, 4G, WiFi 6 and 7, AI, high-performance computing, and cloud items.

In 2019, the authorities placed Huawei on the trade blacklist, directing suppliers in the United States not to ship goods or technology to the company unless they have been granted licenses.The authorities also strictly controlled Huawei’s ability to buy or design semiconductor chips.

However, the authorities still granted licenses for Huawei to receive some products, such as suppliers to Huawei got licenses about $61 billion to sell telecoms equipment from April to November 2021.

In 2022, Huawei revealed that total revenue was around $91.53 billion, with a slight decrease from 2021.