Hong Kong to Offers 500,000 Free Flights in March to Lure Back Tourists after Covid-19

On Thursday, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive John Lee revealed a viral campaign which will include 500,000 free flights in an effort to bring tourists, businesses, and investors back to the financial hub after lifting its stringent Covid-19 restrictions.

Launched in the city’s main convention center near to its renowned harbor, the government’s rebranding campaign “Hello, Hong Kong” featured dancers, flashing neon lights, and the phrase in multiple languages, including Russian and Spanish.

Speaking in English, Lee said the campaign would demonstrate that the city was ready to reopen to tourists. One of Hong Kong’s goals was to attract more investment to the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

“Hong Kong is now connected to mainland China and the whole international world, and there will be no isolation, no quarantine and no restrictions on experiencing … enjoying the hustle and bustle of Asia’s world city,” Lee said.

In an address to business and tourist leaders, Chief Executive John Lee pledged free flight tickets for half a million people so they can experience the “hustle and bustle” of the city without fear of being quarantined, isolated, or restricted in any way.

Tickets will be given away beginning in March, with an additional 80,000 made available to locals through the summer.

Despite an increase in infections, China announced in December that it will lift most of its Covid restrictions and reopened its borders to the world in January.