French Strike against Pension Reform Sinks Power Supply and Petrol Deliveries

The national strike in France against the planned pension reforms led to reduction of power supply and caused disruption on petrol deliveries from French refineries on Tuesday. 

The strikes started in the middle of January as the union protested the government’s plans to let people work longer before retiring. The strike had affected public transportation and schools.

Total power supply shrank by 4% or 2.9 gigawatts (GW), due to reduced supply from the two nuclear reactors and several thermal plants, according to data from power utility EDF.

Nuclear capacity has been reduced by 890 megawatts (MW), while thermal capacity has been reduced by 2 GW. No disruption was listed at hydro plants, but workers at EDF’s hydraulic power sector announced to go on strike on Thursday.

In the refining sector, the strike interrupted the petrol products’ shipment, according to the statement from TotalEnergies. The company said there was no shortage of petrol at the station and the supply levels are still generally satisfactory.