Chinese Chip Industry Group Opposes Exports Ban from U.S.

The China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), the country’s leading chip industry group, opposed the export restrictions from the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.

The group said that the restriction by the U.S. could harm the semiconductor industry in China and damage the global economy.

The CSIA appeals to China’s government to establish the rules that maintain the good development of the global semiconductor industry ecosystem.

In January, there was a report that showed that Japan and the Netherlands had agreed to comply with the U.S. export restriction on China’s chip sector, the first U.S. sanction aimed at Chinese purchases of artificial intelligence (AI) computing chips.

Japan and the Netherlands were the market leaders in the latter group; both countries were the only manufacturers of market-competitive lithography machines, which are a main component in the manufacturing process.

The restrictions would affect Shanghai-based chip foundries that manufacture semiconductors and Wuhan-based memory manufacturer Yangtze Memory Technologies.