Kaohoon’s Top News on November 2, 2021

– MSCI Rebalance is set to reveal the equities included in the forthcoming index calculation on November 11. TTB and GLOBAL, as well as KCE and TIDLOR, are expected to be included in the index. Meanwhile, GLOBAL posted a 3Q21 profit of 663 million baht, up 44%, bringing the nine-month profit to 2,609 million baht, up 63%. On November 1, GLOBAL announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Thailand to penetrate the technology market and the launch of two subsidiary companies in the Philippines in collaboration with alliances. Analysts forecast a 30% increase in GLOBAL’s fourth-quarter profit, recommending a “BUY” rating with a target price of 27.00 baht.

Today (November 2), JSP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Thailand) or JP is listed on the mai index. Analysts forecast that the share price will rise above the initial public offering price of 7.00 baht, owing to the company’s strong business fundamentals and bright prospects, which include an integrated business for modern medicine, traditional medicine, herbal products, dietary supplements, and medical supply from development to sale. JP strives to be the market leader in ASEAN.

– THAI proposes to loan 25 billion baht from private financial institutions, with funds expected in January 2022, to repay 12,000 million baht in ticket debt and 4,000 million baht in employee compensation, with the remaining amount providing liquidity for one year.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has adjusted the criteria for preventing share price spikes by combining the cash balance measure and prohibiting the calculation of a trading limit as a measure of Level 1. Level 2 increases net settlement or prohibits the offset of purchase and selling costs within the day, while Level 3 suspends trading for one day.

– TOP plans to invest actively in high-return projects and is planning to propose the company’s board of directors for consideration at the end of this year. Furthermore, TOP has put aside around one billion dollars for investment in 2022. Analysts anticipate a profit of nearly 3 billion baht in 3Q21, an increase of more than 300%.