AP Shakes Townhome Market with 5 New Models for Year-End Presales in 9 Locations

AP Thailand, on a mission to EMPOWER LIVING, today, made it loud and clear of its intention to make the most of a demand for townhomes in Bangkok over the final stretch of the year. The firm has plans to offer five new models of duplexes and townhomes which ‘Redefine Vertical Life’ – all come with more modern-life solutions i.e. wider vantage point, more adaptable function and innovative design layout to give residents a privacy of a detached home.  

The new concept will be applied to ‘Baan Klang Muang’ and ‘Pleno’ brands for which pre sales will be held simultaneously in nine locations for Bht 5,010 million worth of townhomes.  Homebuyers will be able to enjoy a year end deal – a discount of up to Bht 1,000,000 million on top of half the amount of booking fee required, together with 0% special mortgage rate for 10 months on offer from the Government Savings Bank and a value price package of Bht 1.99 8.99 million. This special offer is only available to those who make a booking on 27 28 November 2021.                      

Mr. Maytha Rakthum, Chief Business Group – Townhome at AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited (AP) said, “The new loan-to-value measure in effect until the end of 2022 offers homebuyers and developers incentive and opportunity at the right time. That our customers are now able to borrow 100% will make it easier for those in real demand to make a buying decision. We believe that if the Thai economy has a good recovery and if the pandemic can be brought under control, it will have a positive impact on the real estate industry during the festive yearend period.  We are welcoming the government unlocking the industry’s potential with plans to launch nine ‘Baan Klang Muang’ and ‘Pleno’ projects worth Bht 5,010 million. It will definitely shake the townhome sector. We are offering home buyers five new home designs together with a value price package to meet the demand in the upper middle segment across all Bangkok locations.”

“Five new home models have been developed under the concept of ‘Redefine Vertical Life’ for duplexes and townhomes (two and three stories) with functional areas from 104 to 218 square metres. These new models target customers looking for a new value home with a space that supports every situation for a life under uncertainty. They are based on the insight we have on the lifestyle of modern-day customers who live from home due to the pandemic.  That insight was applied into the architecture and space function management which have been redefined to offer living alternatives that customers can choose to change on their own in the future through three main selling points, which are 1. Vantage point redefined to provide wider angles of view,” 

“To achieve this, each home was designed to have a wide frontage from 7-11 metres to enable space maximization. 2. Function redefined to provide the right balance of privacy and co-living in response to the WFH trend.  The work space is proportionately integrated into the living quarter. The multi-function space was designed for easy adaptability. The relaxing area was designed to receive greenery views outside, where a small space is provided for gardening and outdoor relaxation.  And the final highlight, 3. Free living experience redefined with innovative layout design that makes you feel the privacy of living in a detached home.  We also introduced a new façade architectural design with a focus on simplicity but with a unique detail. Each home comes with expanded windows to take natural light into the home as well as increasing spaciousness and natural air ventilation,” Mr. Maytha added.    

“We are confident that the strengths of our five new-design townhome models, which redefine home space function to give you the best value for money for practical modern living, will provide us with the key to stimulating the market demand for duplexes and townhomes in nine urban locations and that they will be well received.  We have scheduled simultaneous presales dates on 27-28 November for Baan Klang Muang The Edition  Phaholyothin – Ramintra at Bht 8.99 million starting price, Baan Klang Muang Sukhumvit – Onnut at Bht 4.88 million starting price, Grande Pleno Bangna – Onnut at Bht 4.49 million starting price, Grande Pleno Phahol – Vibhavadi at Bht 1.99-4.69 million, Pleno Bangna – Onnut 2 at Bht 3.39 million starting price, Pleno Pinklao – Charan 2 at Bht 2.89 million starting price, Pleno Pinklao – Charan 3 at Bht 2.99 million starting price, Pleno Ratchapruek -Sathorn at Bht 2.79 million starting price, Pleno Vibhavadi – Donmueng at Bht 2.89 million starting price. 

AP was able to perform outstandingly from low-rise sales in the first ten months at Bht 28,600 million, which was well above the Bht 28,000 million target set for the entire year’s low-rise sales. All of this reflected consistent customer demand for new homes as well as the trust and confidence customers have for products under the brands created by AP which is on its mission to EMPOWER LIVING by delivering good quality of life to customers on their own terms,” Mr. Maytha concluded.