Kaohoon’s Top News on November 24, 2021

Analysts propose six stocks with a solid profit outlook, including TTB, SCC, EA, JMART, JMT, and SNNP. Analysts urge investors to hold six equities in their portfolios as the SET Index potentially reaches 1,750 points next year. TTB’s profit is expected to increase by 25% in 2022, while EA’s profit is expected to hit THB22 billion as the company transitions to the electronic vehicle business. Meanwhile, JMART would record a profit growth of at least 50%, owing to the success of its subsidiary JMT.

– IRPC recently published its 2022 investment plan, which includes a THB20 billion investment budget for the UCF project. PTTGC anticipates a 7% increase in sales volume next year, owing to the start of new projects and the rise of refinery and petrochemical business, while Allnex revenue will be recognized in early 2022.

– RBF is preparing to deliver CBD and THC oil to its customers in late December, when the harvest comes. RBF expects to generate revenue from hemp in 2Q22 and plans to expand its hemp production in response to the new cultivation-extracting regulation for cannabis.

Mr. Rathian Srimongkol is confident that KTC‘s profitability would reach THB6 billion in 2022, setting a new high, as the company aims to grow its loan portfolio to THB hundred billion; nevertheless, profit in 2021 will be affected by the provision of KTBL.

– PE sold a property in Japan for THB4,357 million in order to fund debt repayment and future investment in collaboration with three allies: Hong Kong Land, Sumitomo Forestry, and Sekisui Chemical (Thailand). According to analysts, PE will earn THB1,440 million from the aforementioned transactions, increasing its profit to THB1,300 million this year.