Market Mood Calms After FOMC Gave Partial Clarity on Rates Hike and Tapering Speed

Global equities are mixed on Thursday as market worries are partly eased after FOMC statement showed openness of regulators to act on taming inflation and expectation of quicker removal of stimulus surfaced.

U.S. futures opened higher today with S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, and Nasdaq 100 climbing by 0.21%, 0.16%, and 0.29% respectively.

Economic data of the U.S. showed signs of strong recovery after unemployment claims number hit 52 years low and GDP growth revised upward.

The MSCI Global Equity index advanced to its highest since November 16 supported by traders in Europe has set aside gloomy sentiment of COVID-19 resurgence in the region.

MSCI Asia index dipped down by 0.654% primarily due to slowdown of growth in China. Beijing sought for local government help to boost investment to counter the slowdown in economic growth. South Korean central bank raised interest rate and further monetary tightening is expected in the following year.