Kaohoon’s Top News on November 29, 2021

– SCB and KTB are reportedly actively moving towards digital transformation to offer comprehensive financial technology solutions. Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya, Chairman of SCB’s Executive Committee, stated that the company, as part of the SCBX’s mothership strategy, will accelerate proactive expansion into financial businesses such as digital technologies, blockchain, and digital assets to the fullest extent, with the goal of becoming the regional financial industry leader. Meanwhile, Mr. Payong Srivanich, President of KTB, said that financial technology, or FinTech, will improve people’s quality of life and transform Thai financial industry into something that is more resilient and competitive.

– BTS partnered with JMART to establish a presence in digital finance on e-commerce platforms. BTS anticipates bringing JFin Coin to its ecosystem in early 2022, focusing on fair payment, advertising, and logistics.

– RS and ORI are advancing their digital transformation in order to provide customers with integrated digital assets. RS aims to launch “Popcoin” to bolster its business growth in 2022-2023, and also expects issuing a non-fungible token (NFT) in the near future. Meanwhile, ORI is preparing to introduce “PCOIN” in January of next year; the firm is currently researching a Real Estate-Backed Token for property investment as part of its goal of earning THB3,000 million over the next five years.

– PTT has put aside roughly THB16 billion to raise its stake in Taiwan’s largest pharmaceutical company, “Lotus Pharmaceutical,” to 37% as part of its expansion strategy, which aims to pave the way for its joint venture company, “Innobic,” to enter the pharmaceutical market altogether.

Analysts anticipate that the Thai Stock Exchange would fall below 1,600 points today due to concerns about COVID-19’s latest variant, “Omicron.” Thus, analysts suggest “Buy on Weak” for short-term investment, with BCH, CHG, XO, and STGT as recommended stocks. However, for long-term investing, analysts propose shares such as JMT, DTAC, and TTB that have a good earnings projection for 2022.