Kaohoon’s Top News on December 1, 2021

The Chief Executive of Moderna – Stephane Bancel’s warning that existing vaccines will be significantly less effective against the Omicron variant, combined with rumor that the Thai Prime Minister would immediately impose lockdowns if the Omicron variant detached in Thailand, resulted in a market crash yesterday (November 30). The SET Index ended the day down 21 points. Analysts anticipate that the index will not go below 1,550 points in the worst-case scenario.

Analysts recommend EA, JMART, JMT, SCC, SNNP, and TTB as six safe-haven stocks to buy during market volatility. Additionally, they recommend eleven stocks with strong fundamentals and upside potential from panic selling, including KBANK, AOT, CRC, ICHI, BBL, and MINT.

– KSL anticipates a 20% increase in revenue next year as sugar prices and sales volume grow, as well as demand for biodiesel and ethanol recovers. The sugar prices are expected to reach 19-20 cent per pound next year.

– PTTEP announced a successful discovery of natural gas at the second exploration well, Nangka-1, in the Sarawak SK417 Project, located offshore Malaysia, following the earlier this year discovery of natural gas in the Dokong field. Meanwhile, PTT has partnered with K E Group to extend and develop EV charging stations.

– MCOT entered into a partnership to develop television content and add value to its existing programming in order to achieve profitability over the next three years and transition to sustainable equity in 2025, as part of the “The Year of Trusted News and Smart Entertainment” strategy.

– LEO expects that its operational profit will continue to grow at a record pace in 4Q21, as logistics improves and dry bulk sea freight rates climb. The company is convinced that it would meet its revenue target of THB3,000 million this year, with plans to increase revenue growth by 20-25% next year, boosted by the new M&A deal.