SCC Establishes SCG Chem Shanghai in China, while SCGP Acquires 85% of Spain’s Deltalab

The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCC) announced that SCG Chemicals Company  Limited (SCG Chemicals), a wholly owned subsidiary of SCC, has established SCG Chemicals Shanghai Company Limited (SCG Chem Shanghai) in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. SCG Chem Shanghai will act as a polymer distributor, providing SCG Chemicals with greater access to end-consumers and reinforcing its ability to monitor industry movements and regulatory changes in the Chinese market. Information gathered through SCG Chem Shanghai will be used in the development of products and services offering, particularly those that are high value-added (HVA), in order to increase overall sales.

SCG Chemicals is also establishing 2 additional companies: (1) SENFI Ventures Company Limited (SENFI Ventures), a Thai-registered subsidiary which will act as SCG Chemicals’ venture capital arm targeting investments in startups or joint-venture businesses to support SCG Chemicals’ growth strategy via access to innovations with significant growth potential. (2) REPCO NEX (Vietnam) Company Limited (RNV), an engineering and maintenance service company in Vietnam which will serve the Long Son Petrochemicals Company Limited (LSP) as well as expand engineering and maintenance services in the Vietnamese market.

SCG Chem Shanghai’s registered capital is within 1 million Yuan, or approximately 5.3 million Baht. The registered capital of SENFI Ventures is within 100 million Baht, and the registered capital of RNV is within 7,914 million Vietnamese Dong, or approximately 13 million Baht. SCG Chemicals owns SCG Chem Shanghai, SENFI Ventures, and REPCO NEX in their entirety.

Simultaneously, SCG Packaging Public Company Limited (SCGP) has successfully completed the transaction of its 85% merger and partnership (M&P) investment in Deltalab, S.L. (Deltalab), a medical supplies and labware specialist located in Spain which follows the previous disclosure to The Stock Exchange of Thailand on June 30, 2021. 

Payment for the 85% M&P stake is the immediate 84.9 million Euro (approximately 3,270 million Baht). This transaction is through International Healthcare Packaging Co., Ltd., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCGP. Deltalab’s financial performance will be consolidated from December 2021 onward. 

Deltalab is a recognized European manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical supplies and labware, with over 15,000 SKUs and annual output of 250 million  pieces (product catalog: Some of these products are exported to over 125 countries. Deltalab recorded revenue of approximately 84.3 million Euro (approximately 3,245 million Baht), core profit after tax of approximately 19.3 million Euro (approximately 740 million Baht) and had assets of approximately 44.7 million Euro (approximately 1,720 million Baht) for the last twelve months ending 30 September 2021. 

This transaction elevates SCGP’s customers and products portfolio and enriches its global services capabilities, while adding synergy to its existing production related fundamentals.

SCGP is committed to fulfil the changes of preferences towards sustainable packaging trends globally and also offering products ranging from fiber-based packaging, to  performance and polymer packaging and other diversified solutions, with facilities in over 50 plants across multiple countries. Please click for further details.