Huawei Set to Launch its EV Cars that Competes with Tesla

Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei released details on a vehicle with specs it claims to beat the Model Y.

However, the company noted it will not make the cars on their own. The company earlier has been working with automakers on car technology such as autonomous driving.

Huawei’s  first car called Aito M5 will run on HarmonyOS operating system and will run on both fuel and electricity. The model is aims to compete with Tesla’s Model Y.

The car line is set to begin around February 20 after the Lunar New Year, said Yu who is also CEO of Huwai’s intelligent automotive business solution unit.

The Aito M5 post-subsidy will start at 250,000 yuan  ($39,063) and the price is lower than Tesla’s Model Y which starts at 280,752 yuan after subsidy.,