Kaohoon’s Top News on December 28, 2021

The Ministry of Finance and the Revenue Department plan to tax securities transactions at a rate of 0.1% on monthly sales exceeding THB1 million effective in 2022, as well as cryptocurrency transactions at a rate of 15% beginning in March next year. Analysts said the taxation will raise transaction costs for investors by at least 33% and cause the SET Index to fall by 42-100 points.

Mr. Navaphol Chanjuthamard, Chief Executive Officer of Nova Organic (SET: NV), confirmed that the company’s largest shareholder, “Chanjuthamard Group,” did not sell the shares that held 69.27%, urging investors to believe in the fundamentals and that the company will return strong growth next year, with plans to expand the warehouse and herbal extraction plant.

DOD Biotech (SET: DOD) announced that its subsidiary, Siam Herbal Tech Company Limited, is the first company in Southeast Asia to successfully extract CBD from hemp flowers for commercial purposes. The company expects to deliver CBD Isolate in January 2022 to DOD to be used as an ingredient to develop and deliver specifically formulated food supplements.

Siamrajathanee (SET: SO)’s share price has risen more than 14% yesterday following the appointment of “Topp” Jirayut Srupsrisopa, CEO of Bitkub, as the company’s Director, Independent Director, and Strategic Committee, with the aim of maximizing the business in the future and preparing for the business trend in 2022.

Ch. Karnchang (SET: CK) and Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction (SET: STEC), under “CKS-PL Joint Venture,” jointly submitted bids for six contracts for the construction of the MRT Purple Line Taopoon-Ratburana, while Italian-Thai Development (SET: ITD) submitted bids for five contracts and one contract jointly with Nawarat Patanakarn (SET: NWR), under the “ITD-NWR MRT” consortium.  The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) expects to announce the winner of the tender and sign the contract in March 2022.