RATCH Announces the COD of Its 296MW-Riau Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Indonesia

Ratch Group Public Company Limited (SET: RATCH) notified the Stock Exchange of Thailand on Monday that its Riau Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Indonesia has started the commercial operation since 10 February 2022, and the company immediately recognized the income.

Following the commercial operation on 10 February, the company received official confirmation from Indonesian State Electricity Company on 11 February through its indirect joint venture PT Medco Ratch Power Riau of the Application for Commercial Operation Date.

The Riau Combined-Cycle Power Plant located in the Republic of Indonesia has an installed capacity of 296.23 megawatts. RATCH invested in the project through PT Medco Ratch Power Riau (an indirect joint venture in which the company held a 49 percent stake through RH International (Singapore) Corporation Pte. Limited.).