AQUA Books THB158 Million in 2021 with THB 819 Million of Revenue Generation

Aqua Corporation Public Company Limited (SET: AQUA) announced its 2021 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

Yearly 2021 2020
Net Profit (Loss)
Million Baht
157.798 182.847
Earning Per Share (Baht) 0.033 0.0398
% Change 14


AQUA reported a net profit of THB157.80 million, decreased by 25.05 million baht or 14 percent, compared to the year 2020 with a profit of THB182.85 million. Meanwhile, total revenue in 2021 was decreased by THB147.24 million from the year 2020 or 11 percent consisting of: 

1) Out of Home Media (OOH) business revenue decreased by THB48.82 million, decreased by 8percent compared to 2020, mainly due to the new wave of COVID-19 epidemic situation. As a result, customers who use the company’s out-of-home media have to slow down their spending on advertising media.

2) Real Estate Investment Business revenue decreased by THB47.78 million, or 14 percent compared to 2020 due to the termination of the lease agreement with the Cabin and the return of all project areas. The subsidiary stopped recognizing revenue from November 2020. 

3) Energy and Packaging Business Operated by Eastern Power Group Public Company Limited  (SET: EP), in which AQUA holds shares and recognized profit from EP in the form of a share of profit at 39.61 percent. In 2021, the share of profit was THB399.07 million, decrease by 11 percent compared to the year 2020 (details can be considered from the EP’s clarification letter)

Additionally, there was a gain from fair value change in investment properties of THB2.98 million, while in 2020 there was a loss from fair value change in investment property of THB268.08 million due to independent appraisers using market prices instead of the contracted income, the result of termination of the rental contract with the Cabin and the return of all project areas.