Equities and Oil Climbed while U.S. Futures Slipped as Investors Weighs War Halt Negotiation

Asian equites rose as investors weigh prospect of de-escalation of war and lower yield.

Equites in Mainland China topped nearly 3% while South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand hovered around 1%. The MSCI Broad Market Index ex Japan topped to 0.90%.

U.S. futures slipped on concerns of treasury curve signaling recession concerns. Europe’s Stoxx 600 snapped a three-day winning streak after surging to the highest level in five weeks on Tuesday.

The dollar slipped while yen retreated loss after Bank of Japan pledged to buy unlimited debt securities in an open market operation.

Confidence level in the euro-on slipped to the weakest level in a year with inflation jumping to the highest since the record began in 1985.

NATO allies and U.S. are evaluation whether Russia’s promise to call back on military operations is just tactical shift.

Germany triggered an emergency plan to brace for a potential Russian gas cut-off, as President Vladimir Putin steps up demands that the fuel should be paid for in rubles.

The yield curve inversion needs to be sustained before it’s a predictor of anything,” Mariann Montagne, senior portfolio manager at Gradient Investments , said on Bloomberg Television.

“We’ll have volatility both in the stock and the bond markets but we think that progression” on the cease-fire talks will lead to upward earnings revisions.

Crude oil topped over 1.5% with WTI trading around $106 a barrel and Brent trading around $111 a barrel.