Daily Strategy: ASL Sees Shipping Stocks Attractive over Rising Baltic Dry Index

Major stock markets in Asia traded mostly higher, bouncing back from a plummet yesterday despite China still facing Covid resurgence problem. 


As of 10:29 local time in Thailand on April 26, 2022, Nikkei rose 0.51%, SSEC increased 0.66%, Hang Seng Index gained 1.73%, while ASX 200 dropped 1.82% after resuming trade from yesterday’s holiday and IDX Composite fell 0.24%.

Thailand’s SET Index opened at 1,682.71 points, increased 7.38 points or 0.44%.


Mr. Suchet Suktae, Deputy Managing Director, Media Marketing Department of ASL Securities Co., Ltd., through “Kaohoon Jor Talad Program” on April 26, 2022, stated that the movement trends today is rebounding, seeing stocks in China edging higher. The momentum of the Thai stock market is still strong, seeing the index does not drop below its support level og 1,670 points. Meanwhile, U.S. bond yields also slowed down last night.

Mr. Suktae recommended TIDLOR (S37/R40.25), RCL (S44/R48-49), BLA (R48), WICE (R20) and EA (R95-100).

He also noted that shipping stocks will benefit from rising BDI amid a rebound in oil prices and ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, while also recommending III and JWD as well.