City Reopening Stocks Show Optimism after Thai Border Opens

Tourism industry in Thailand came back vividly after the government lifted the Test & Go scheme and eased COVID-19 controlled measures in many provinces from May 1.

The Tourism Association of Koh Samui reported that the hotel business has started to witness a surge in bookings since the country reopened, with May hotel reservations surged 30% over April rates.

Meanwhile, Chiang Mai has welcomed foreign tourists once again, particularly from Malaysia, with Air Asia resuming service between Kuala Lumpur and Chiang Mai every Monday, Friday, and Sunday beginning May 2, according to local media.

Asia Plus Securities said that since the Test & Go scheme has been lifted, Thailand is expected to have more 4.2 million tourists in 2022. Considering 4M22 tourist volume, the total number of tourists in 2022 is expected to be close to the Bank of Thailand (BOT) projection of 5 million. This has positive sentiment on city reopening stocks, including tourism-hotel (MINT, CENTEL, ERW), aviation (AAV, AOT), and tourist destinations (CPN, CRC, MAJOR).