Kaohoon’s Top News on May 25, 2022

Headline: IRPC sees a sign of profit recovery in 2Q22 onward

IRPC Plc. (SET: IRPC) sees a sign of profit recovery in 2Q22 onward as demand for petrochemical products showed an improvement. IRPC expects the EBITDA to reach THB25,000 million in 2025 and increase to THB35,000 million in 2030, on the back of continuing business expansions with a budget of THB20,0000 million.


Headline: CPF fully penetrates plant-based food market

Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc. (SET: CPF) has fully penetrated the plant-based food market, aiming for its Meat Zero brand to become the leading plant-based food contributor and exporter in Asia and one of the world’s top three within three years. 


Headline: BANPU expects improved earnings, driven by revenue from the XTO Barnett Shale 

Banpu Plc. (SET: BANPU) is expected to generate revenue from the XTO Barnett Shale in the United States as soon as the transaction is completed in June. The price of gas and coal remained high throughout 2Q22; accordingly, BANPU anticipates a higher profit for the quarter. Meanwhile,  Banpu Power Plc. (SET: BPP) has set aside USD700 million for an investment this year, with the objective of acquiring additional power plants in the US.


Headline: BYD announces the capital increase program to strengthen its public transportation business

Beyond Securities Plc. (SET: BYD) announced the issuance of newly-issued ordinary shares at a price of THB7.062 per share for a maximum of 1.3 billion shares, or 31.32% of the company. The newly-issued ordinary shares will be offered to specific investors (Private Placement) who are BYD’s business partners. The purpose of the capital increase is to invest and expand the public transportation business.


Headline: Analysts choose JMT and CHAYO as the best performers in the finance sector

Many analysts chose JMT Network Services Plc. (SET: JMT) and Chayo Group Plc. (SET: CHAYO) as the best performers in the finance sector, as both companies are prepared to increase their set aside for purchasing non-performing loans (NPL) after the debt holiday program ends. JMT’s budget for purchases is THB14 billion, whereas CHAYO’s is THB3 billion. Analysts anticipate that both companies will report record high earnings this year.


Headline: STARK invests THB20 billion in acquiring LEONI

Stark Corporation Plc. (SET: STARK) spent THB20 billion to acquire LEONI, the world’s top manufacturer and distributor of  electrical cables and electrical cables for automotive and EV. This investment aims to strengthen and expand the electric vehicle and charging station businesses. The transaction is anticipated to complete in 4Q22.