BDMS Unveils BDMS Silver Wellness & Residence Project to Expand Customer Base at International Level

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (SET: BDMS) has announced that its board of directors on 25 May 2022 has passed the resolution to approve the company and/or its subsidiary to enter into the transaction to lease the land from Crown Property Bureau in order to develop the BDMS Silver Wellness & Residence project.

The land is located at the corner of Sarasin Road and Lang Suan Road (opposite of Lumpini Park), Lumpini sub-district, Patumwan District, Bangkok, with the total area of 13-0-60.18 rais. The land leasehold period is 30 years and renewable of another 30 years. The total value of this leasehold is 23,545 million baht.


Expected benefits to BDMS;

1) The company will be able to expand wellness business to the Silver Age group, health conscious consumers, customers aiming for healthier lifestyle in the natural environment in the heart of the city, both Thai and foreigners and to become wellness tourism destination.

2) The development of BDMS Silver Wellness & Residence project focused on becoming the leader in the Preventive Medicine, Longevity and Anti-aging in Asia which is in line with its strategies that aiming to enhance services capacity to cover all aspects of medical services from preventive medicine to the holistic healthcare.

3) Combine the health conscious theme and the green environmental living style that will help create a relaxing atmosphere for the customers and the residence, aiming to become holistic healthcare center at the international level.

4) Connect the excellence of BDMS network and make BDMS to become the center of both Wellness and Medical service providers and increase the potential of medical leadership, which will attract high caliver personnel, which will be the important factor to drive the economy in the context of the country strategies.