Ryanair Cancels Dozen of Flights as Crew Strikes for Higher Wage to Offset Rising Costs of Living

Ryanair is expecting to cancel hundreds of flights as some cabin crew called a three-day strike in Belgium, Spain and Portugal starting on Friday, June 24, 2022, over pay and working conditions.


On Friday, dozens of flights were cancelled by the budget airline, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at airports after Ryanair cabin crew unions in Belgium, Spain and Portugal started their three-day strikes over demand for an increase in wage as workers are struggling with higher costs of living due to rising inflation.

Crews in France and Italy were expected to strike over the weekend, while staff in Spain were set to strike again on June 30 and July 1-2.


A strike from Ryanair came after pilot and cabin crew unions of Brussels Airlines stop working on Thursday in which the Belgian subsidiary of Lufthansa is expected to cancel about 60% of its 533 flights over the three-day strike.