Six stocks face removal from the SET50, with IRPC and BLA most at risk

Keep an eye out for IRPC, BLA, SAWAD, JMART, KCE, and TIDLOR, as one of them is likely to be removed from the SET50 Index when TLI begins trading on the Thai stock exchange on July 25, 2022.

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, Thailand’s first and largest Thai-incorporated life insurance firm, will be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on July 25 under the ticker symbol “TLI.”. At its first public offering (IPO), the firm had a market value of THB 183.20 billion (approx. USD 5 billion).

With such a huge market capitalization, TLI is expected to enter the SET50 Index with a fast-track measure upon its debut. One of the requirements for the fast-track measure is to have a market capitalization more than 1% of the overall market capitalization of the SET Index, which is now THB18.5 trillion.


Asia Plus Securities (ASPS) said that the prospect of TLI entering the SET50 Index under the fast-track measure upon its arrival will immediately put six stocks, including IRPC (market cap: THB65,579 million), BLA (market cap: THB66,595 million), SAWAD (market cap: THB66,934 million), JMART (market cap: THB67,031 million), KCE (market cap: THB67,660 million), and TIDLOR (market cap: THB68,675 million), at risk of being dropped from the index.

After acknowledging which stocks will be removed from the index, it is expected that ACTIVE FUND, as well as retail investors, will sell those stocks on July 26. Once the SET50 index has been updated, the PASSIVE Fund will subsequently sell those shares as well, in order to lower the risk of owning them.