“Pi Ventures” Partner with “KillSwitch” to Construct Infrastructure for Enterprises Entering Digital Assets Space

  • “KillSwitch Inc.” recently received investment from “Pi Ventures” in order to collaboratively construct the infrastructure for enterprises entering the blockchain and digital assets space.


Pi Ventures, is a subsidiary of Country Group Holdings Public Company Limited, or ‘CGH.’ As the venture arm of the Pi ecosystem, Pi Ventures actively looks for emerging financial technologies and trends that have the potential to level the playing field for retail investors and empower new generations of traders and wealth builders in Thailand. Currently, Pi Ventures has invested in over 5 projects totaling more than USD12 million during the first half of 2022.

KillSwitch is a tool built for yield farmers to conveniently provide liquidity to financial systems without intermediaries, the term is also known as ‘Decentralized Finance’ or commonly known as DEFI. KillSwitch was established from winning the 2021 annual SCB Blockathon event and from then, evolved into a business that aims to solve the complexity and time-consuming process of multi-transactions. KillSwitch has developed a platform that integrates various crypto pairs from multiple sources into the KillSwitch platform for easy comparison and investment selection.

Apart from this, KillSwitch has also developed to a ‘one-click’ deposit, withdraw and token transfer system to reduce the time and error during transactions. To truly become the one stop service for yield farmers, KillSwitch has also developed the ‘Take profit/ Stop loss (TP/SL)’ system, the first in the world of DeFi, that allows users to set TP/SL while creating liquidity in the system. “Fluctuate your risk of volatility with our crypto-to-market liquidity” Mr. Ta Channon, CEO, KillSwitch

In addition to this, KillSwitch Inc. has identified an important business opportunity within the near future; nurturing industries with potential by the Metaverse. Through establishing REI Chain, a network protocol capable of initiating ecosystems, they are primed for the world of digital transactions through blockchain technology.

From establishing a partnership with KillSwitch, Pi ventures has witnessed the potential of growth for businesses based on blockchain technology. As it has been recorded in the past, Start-up platforms (WEB 2.0) have acted as a medium that provides assistance towards the daily lives of users through added convenience. To this very day, as technology advances towards WEB 3, businesses must be prepared to adapt. KillSwitch Inc. has optimized REI Point’s point system, the WEB 3 CRM Platform. Once it is introduced to users and online stores, they may test using a Decentralized wallet through allocating points using the Token system. Implementing a point system such as this onto the Blockchain ensures that users rightfully own their tokens, may exchange tokens to other types within the ecosystem while also allowing said tokens to be transferred to other wallets. This bypasses traditional CRM while still maintaining the original form, welcoming users to a new frontier where they are given more freedom.


Mr. Tommy Taechaubol, Executive Director of Pi Ventures, remarked that, “The present technology has shifted into the WEB3.0 age, therefore it is a crucial chance to lead the business sector adoption in preparing for the future Metaverse industry. This is consistent with the company’s goals of pursuing business investment opportunities in digital technology, Metaverse project. We are anticipating the potential for business growth on Blockchain technology as it is a new innovation that makes digital asset transactions seamless and add value to the Pi ecosystem ”

Pi Ventures continues to seek investment opportunities both locally and globally in companies and projects that can add value to the Pi ecosystem, with notable additional transactions in the pipeline.