OR Approves a Dividend Payment of THB0.35; XD Date on Sep 2

PTT Oil and Retail Busniess Public Company Limited (SET: OR) announced on Friday that its Board of Directors has approved an interim dividend payment from the first half of 2022 operational results (Jan 1 – June 30) at the rate of THB0.35 per share.

The Ex-dividend date (XD) is set for 2 September 2022. The payment of the interim dividend will be made on 19 September 2022.

In 2Q22, OR recorded a net profit of THB 6,568 million, an increase of THB 2,723 million, leading to an earnings per share of 0.55 baht.

OR recorded total sales and services in the amount of THB 211,431 million, an increase of THB 34,140 million from the last quarter, mainly due to the rise in average global oil prices following higher demand induced by recovery of economic activities caused by easing measures to control the spread of COVID-19 in many countries, including Thailand. Meanwhile, the supply is still tight due to the sanctions on Russia. All of the mentioned factors resulted in higher sales revenue for all business segments: Mobility business and Global business recorded an increase in the overall oil sales volume by 2.0% and 2.4%, respectively, leading to an increase in revenue. For the Lifestyle business, sales and services revenue increased from the previous quarter due to the higher demand from the economic recovery, the relaxation of COVID-19 measures and the Thai holiday season.