BOT Reiterates Unlawfulness of FOREX Trading, Not Once Ever Given a Licence

Mrs. Alisara Mahasantana, Assistant Governor financial market, The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has explained about the news that people who have been fallen victims to an investment of foreign exchange or speculation exchange (FOREX) claiming to give high returns, while no money have been truly invested or made foreign exchange transaction. She pointed out that this type of scam is similar to a Ponzi scheme that could result in not receiving the money back.

Thus, BOT says the laws issued under the Exchange Control indicate that citizens are required to make foreign currency transactions with businesspeople who are permitted by the Minister of Finance only. As of today, the Thai central bank has never given a license to the general public in trading foreign exchange currency or speculating in the form of FOREX on a platform or website.

Mrs. Alisara also said that BOT regularly issued warnings to caution people to be careful not to trust the persuasion for investment on foreign exchange or speculation on the exchange rate to prevent people becoming victims of deception.