MINT Surges Nearly 5% ahead of Emergency Decree Lifting and Tourists Return

The share price of Minor International Public Company Limited (SET: MINT) rose nearly 5% in the morning session on Friday to THB27.25 per share as investors are looking forward to the returning of foreign tourists after Covid-19 will be classified as a disease under surveillance, while also lifting the emergency decree.

Brokers expected MINT’s revenue to surge above 110,000 million baht in this fiscal year, almost twice the amount of 55.9 billion baht in 2020 and 69.4 billion baht in 2021, according to the Refinitiv consensus.

EBITDA is estimated to top pre-Covid level at 27.9 billion baht this year, but due to depreciation and amortization that should remain at a higher level, brokers expected MINT’s income this year at 1,843 million baht, a significant improve from negative territory in the last two years. Still, that would be lower than an income of 10,698 million baht made in 2019.


The tourism minister said on Friday that Thailand may record slightly more than 10 million foreign tourist arrivals this year as the sector recovered from the impact of the pandemic. Thailand recorded nearly 6 million of foreign tourist arrivals so far this year.