JMART Announces THB1.2 Billion Acquisition of “Suki Teenoi”

Jay Mart Public Company Limited (JMART) announced on November 8, 2022, that it would inform the board of directors meeting no. 10/2022 that the investment had been approved and engage in the share purchase agreement (SPA), share subscription agreement (SSA), and shareholder agreement (SHA) to invest in BNN Restaurant Group Company Limited (BNN), which operates restaurant businesses under the brand “Suki Teenoi,”  amounting to 352,941 shares, representing 30 percent of the total voting shares, with a total value not exceeding 1,200 million baht.

The company sees BNN’s restaurant business as a potential business and has a high growth opportunity under the current situation, such as technology in CRM and various promotions, which have led to the business growth of the group of companies, creating an opportunity to expand the retail business in the food, technology, and renewable energy sectors.

The acquisition of BNN for “Suki Teenoi” business was in line with the report in early October as the company signaled for a 70% profit growth this year.