ONEE Shares Down Over 6% as Major Shareholder Sells 15% of Its Stake

One Enterprise shares fell 6.0% on Wednesday after its major shareholder “Poramaporn Prasarttong-Osoth” sold a 15% stake in an Overnight Private Placement at a price below the board’s previous trading session.

As of 10.26 A.M. (Thai time), the share price of One Enterprise Pcl. (SET: ONEE) dropped THB0.60/share, or 6.45%, to THB8.70/share, with a trading value of THB3.4 Billion. 

On Wednesday, ONEE, a holding company involved in the media and entertainment industries, stated that the company was informed by Miss Poramaporn Prasarttong-Osoth, M.D., the major shareholder and the director of the company, regarding her sale of the company’s ordinary shares in a total of 357,000,000 ordinary shares representing 15% of the total paid up capital. The company’s ordinary shares was privately placed to investors not exceeded 50 persons per relevant regulation via Overnight Private Placement, which included domestic institutions, foreign institutions, individual investors and/or juristic person investors, through the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 14 December 2022 at THB 8.50 per share, which was book built by domestic institutions and foreign institutions. 

The total consideration of the transaction is equal to THB 3,034.5 million. Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Public Company Limited is the placement agent for the transaction.

After the sales of the company’s ordinary shares, Miss Poramaporn Prasarttong-Osoth, M.D. is still the largest major shareholder and a director of the company, holding 25% of the total ordinary shares (from 40% of the total ordinary shares). There will be no change in management structure or management policy of the company. The free float of the Company is increased from 21% to 36%.